Turbo-charge Your Relationship

Perth 11th-13th Aug 2017

Relationship Success is an immersive experience designed to turbo charge your relationship, taking it to the next level. This is a high energy, fun-filled, transformational course with Shane & Jess Fozard, the founders of Relationship Success. This is not marriage counselling or a couples only course. You will...

  • Learn Methods to Understand Your Partner & Yourself, Like Never Before
  • Apply Secret Tools to Bring the Best out of You & Your Partner.
  • Bring back the Passion, Fun & Excitement into Your Relationship


The six-step ‘Honeymoon Feeling Forever’ methodology is designed to empower YOU with knowledge, tools and techniques to TRANSFORM your relationship, even if your partner does not attend. And even if you are single, the exercises, techniques and discussions are strategically conducted to appeal to both couples and singles, delivering breakthroughs and transformations live in the room.

Relationship Success LIVE Curriculum

Identify limiting beliefs, stories and identities within yourself that are preventing you from moving forward in your life. Gain clarity on what your values are and whether these are in alignment with your goals, visions and dreams. It may explain why you feel like you take two steps forward then two steps back.

Learn how to use the Masculine and Feminine energies within yourself, discovering the pro’s and con’s for each, and how these can increase or decrease the intimacy & attraction within a relationship.

Identify which dimension you are in within your relationship, and what it takes to vastly improve the love, respect & passion between you and your partner.

Almost every couple will encounter situations whereby the relationship will be tested. People get frustrated at times and they can take it out on each other. One of the fastest ways to resolve a break down in the connection between two people in a relationship, is to make ‘Repair Attempts” whilst the other party needs to forgive and accept the ‘Repair Attempt’. We will show you the secrets to being a master of Forgiveness as well as ‘Repair Attempts’.

Ever felt frustrated because you’ve been doing all these wonderful things to show your partner how much you love them and it seems like they don’t notice? Or are one of you not feeling loved? Made popular by Gary Chapman, we’ll show you how to use the 5 Love Languages to identify what both you and your partner prefer to feel the most loved. This can bring back that loving feeling that you both cherished at the beginning of the relationship.

Created by Anthony Robbins, Human Needs Psychology is a construct that provides clarity to why people do what they do, both positive and negative behaviours. We’ll show you how you can apply this insight to your relationship to better predict and avoid conflicts, as well as proactively taking part in activities that directly deliver to your partner’s top human needs.

Single or in a Relationship? It doesn't matter!

Whilst this course does cater for couples covering tools, tips, and strategies that can be used to instantly improve one’s relationship, each exercise has been adapted for people who are single. Most of the concerns in relationships, including creating a relationship, stem from your own psychology, therefore we subscribe to the notion that “If you want your life or relationship to change, then you need to first change”. Some single people have even found the love of their life at some of our courses (although we don’t actually facilitate this!) A large number of graduates have mentioned they have been able to also use the tools and information in many other relationships such as family and colleagues.

Your Relationship Success Investment By The Numbers

It’s important that you know the full value of Relationship Success and since you cannot purchase any of the individual programs separately, please understand that this is an honest, good faith estimate of the cost of everything you’ll receive.

Based upon the numbers to the right, this is the non-inflated, up-to-date estimate of Relationship Success’ overall value.

That is what you’ll pay for the entire Relationship Success training, receiving over $5000 in value and saving over $5000!

5000The Honeymoon Feeling Forever – Six Step System.

This system has taken over 5 years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn & develop into a very simple and easy-to-apply format.

Relationship Success Afterburner Program.

Receive daily reminders, activities, and exercises that promote you to continue your growth and development of the most successful Intimate Relationship you could imagine, in the comfort of your own home. Discover just how easy it is to implement what you learned in the course, into your every-day life with the support of the Relationship Success Afterburner program.

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Tuition is normally $497

NOW 2 for 1 $127

What Others Are Saying...

Helen Moon, QLD Helen Moon, QLD

We have learnt so much about each other event though we already had a good relationship. There were a couple of ‘weeds’ starting to show and we’ve now learnt to weed them. I also worked out that I had been listening to a lot of other people’s fears about our relationship. Relationship Success was awesome!

Morgana Boerner, VIC. Morgana Boerner, VIC.

Whether you are single, happy in a relationship (or not!) or even divorced, this course will make a HUGE difference in not only your relationship, but every aspect of your life. You will learn to respond to your partner with more clarity, surety and love. Amazing!

Test out Relationship Success, risk free!

Our mission is to help you change your relationship, developing better communication skills, fostering a deeper connection, more intimacy and life-long passion.


We invite you to fully participate in Relationship Success for at least 1 full day, and if you don’t feel that we’ve delivered value to you in this time, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

We’re are here to serve customers and clients that we are well suited for. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of Relationship Success and our reputation as a leader in this industry.

Time is running out!

Tuition is normally $497

NOW 2 for 1 $127

Time is running out!

Tuition is normally $497

NOW 2 FOR 1 $127